Leaves on Steroids

Slacker mother/wife has taken some time off from this blog ("I'll write a post when I have a spare millisecond," she said this evening), so vigilant father/husband is keeping it going here a bit.

We continue to have some really nice Fall weather--October, I've decided, is the best month for weather in New Jersey. April's pretty nice as well. You can play golf in both of these months, and shouldn't have to use either the AC or heater. Okay, maybe a little bit of the flip-a-switch fireplace in October, but definitely no AC in April.

Sadie and Emma and I walked to the park last weekend (photos above), and leaves were everywhere. They've pretty much all given up for 2006, and are just waiting to be blown off their limbs. On a separate walk, Sara found the largest diameter leaf I have ever seen, and the second place leaf doesn't even come within six inches. We should have taken a picture, but for some context, my size 12 shoe fit on this thing with room to spare on either side. I was literally in disbelief for a few seconds when she brought it in.

Emma keeps saying more and more words lately. With a little prompting she will now say 'yes' instead of just using the quick nose blow and half nod with which most of you are familiar. Her 'yes' comes out 'yeth,' which makes it even cuter. She also says 'please' (sounds like 'bee') and bee (also sounds like 'bee'), 'thank you' ('achoo'), 'Sadie' ('aye-dee'), and dork ('Daddy'). She says lots more than I can remember right now. She's picking up momentum, and Sadie's helping her out in her own special way.

Today was Autumn Festival day at Sadie's school. She got a spider painted on her cheek, she fed a goat, I think there was something done with corn or eggs, and she did other festive autumnal things (sorry, this is what you get when the dad posts the info). I love how excited she gets to tell me all the stuff she did at school. "Ya know what, Daddy...?!" is her most common phrase.

Time to go watch the World Series. If you don't have a preference, cheer for the Tigers. Their catcher-Ivan Rodriguez-is wearing a brand new line of Fila-produced baseball cleats and batting gloves.


Alisha said…
Thanks, Nate. I wish I had someone to pick up the slack! I don't think Matt's too interested! :o) (I'm still looking forward to a Sara post, though!!)
Papa said…
No problema, rooting for Los Tigres. This from a Detroit native, now living in the Southwest
Papa said…
...I thought I recognized the logo on his shoes. Think I've seen another player with FILA shoes??
nate said…
It's not actually branded with "Fila." Check out www.verdero.com

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