Here we are in La Jolla for a sunset. I now realize why Amilda loved coming here. Sometimes you don't realize how truly wonderful a place can be until you come back after a long time away. The ocean has a tremendous restorative power which I miss so much where we are now.
While we were there, Sadie and I went down to the sand and played chase with the waves and Emma joined us toward the end. Of course Sadie did NOT want to leave but it was getting dark so we headed up for a visit to the Fila store and on the way she saw a seal jump out of the water at seal beach.


Papa said…
Know there are some great photos from this day. Can you put a video short on this section?
Alisha said…
That is a GREAT photo! We miss San Diego, too. I don't realize it until I'm there, though.
It's funny that Emma is in her stroller in so many pictures. We have a bunch of pictures like that, too. We're smart enough to know that if we take him out for a good picture that he'd ever want to get back in it!
1000hats said…
Yes, you use the stroller as long as it is effective, even if it means it is in every photo. Chasing one is easier than two.

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