Is this June or November?

Here is a little album from today. School is closed today and tomorrow for a statewide teacher's convention. So we got together with the Wests for the afternoon. We started with pizza for lunch, what else would one have, this is New Jersey. After a brief run around the gazebo, we headed over to the park for scooters and bikes and then hit the ice cream shop for a treat. The day was topped off with lollipops. Everyone had fun, in between bouts of whining and crying about who is riding what and when it is time to trade, who could ask for more. On top of that we had one of the nicest days of the year, reminding me of an average day in good ol' San Diego. I think the temp topped out at 69 with a nice breeze. I asked Sadie about 42 times if she wanted to put on a sweatshirt and every time she said she was fine without one. Really, the only reason I asked was because most everyone else was in long sleeves and pants. All in all it was a lovely day.


Anonymous said…
So the helmets were for riding scooters, not playing tag? For a second I thought they were playing shadowtag. Looks like loads of fun.

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