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Nathan continues to promise a post from me and that will be about this or that. But sorry if you were greatly anticipating some thing which he mentioned. I think that the trip was pretty well documented and I am still struggling to get us all back on some normal schedule. I think we may be headed in the right direction now. Although we are still sleeping in awfully late. Tomorrow it will have to change since Sadie will be starting back to school again. I will definitely have to set the alarm, arrrgggh!

Following our return, I went to have a root canal. (Fun wrapped in a bundle of joy.) Then next day was Thanksgiving of which we have no pictures because I told Nathan not to take any since I had not made it out of my pj's when it came to dinner time at 630pm. My excuse is I was too busy with the cookin. After dinner, we decorated the Christmas tree and, boy, do I like pre-lit artificial trees. After getting the gigantic box up two flights of stairs from the basement, I had it put together, lit and ready for decorating in about twenty minutes. Sadie and Emma had a good time putting the ornaments on the tree and Nathan enjoyed complaining about how all of our ornaments are not kid proof. He suggested that they all be made of felt. But they both did great.


Alisha said…
I always said I'd never get an artificial tree...but I have to agree with you about the pre-lit thing! It's so wonderful to not have to go and get the tree, THEN take hours to put the lights on it. I do miss the smell of a live tree, but hey, I'm all about the convenience now! :o) Oh, and to solve the problem of the breakable ornaments...about 2 years ago (when Jared got mobile enough to destry the tree) we bought a ton of LARGE jingle bells. They are our ornaments for at least one more year. We have silver, gold and red. They are fun and the kids had a blast decorating the tree with them this year!
Papa said…
Never thought I'D THINK of having an artificial tree, but with last year's hip replacement and the price for a decent-looking tree around $50..... You can have the real tree fragrance by getting a fresh wreath to hang inside. We buy ours from one of Debi's coworkers(scouts sell them for a fund-raiser). Lighting is the drudgery, hanging the ornamenst is the fun part!
Papa said…
Well, our artificial Fraser Fir has been received and is assembled.
That's the easiest 700 light install I've ever done. Decoration will progress this week.

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