Volume 4: Grammy's House

Friday we went to visit Grammy and Great Grandpa Wink in Point Loma. The weather was again picture-perfect San Diego stylin' mid-70's with a light breeze. Aunt Sonja came down from Los Angeles to see the girls (we know it was not to see us parents). Grandma Joyce--who is in town from Tempe, AZ to visit--also came over to Grammy's for the afternoon/evening. Sadie had complained on Thursday of a headache and we were pretty sure she was coming down with something. By the time a crew of six of us (Sara, Nathan, Sonja, Grammy, Sadie, Emma) crammed into the Impala and went out for In-N-Out (a SoCal Burger specialty--shout-outs to Uncle Tedd), Sadie was deteriorating quickly. (This next part is going to get graphic. Reader discretion is advised. Make the children look away from the screen.) Sadie wouldn't take her medicine, and in forcing it into her mouth we also forced her breakfast onto Grammy's bedroom floor. She took a different medicine, and her fever went down, and she felt well enough at dinner time for some pizza and running around. However...long about time for leaving Grammy's, the pizza apparently had forgotten something it had left on the living room floor, and returned to retrieve it. You can see in a couple of the pictures below that she was not her normal self. But we got her home and in bed and she kept some more medicine down. She's able to hang around and watch shows and not do a whole lot--we're just trying to keep the fever down.

It was great for Sadie and Emma to see Grammy and Wink and Sonja and JoEllen. Grammy's house is always full of fun surprises like new dolls or talking frogs or painting projects or heart-shaped rocks or extra-large rubber ears in boxes covered with shells. Wink shared some of his great stories from WWII, and everybody had their picture taken by Sadie the Shutterbug.

Today was homecoming at PLNU. You will hear about that in tomorrow's post. See photos below.


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