Volume 5: College Reunion Day

Saturday--Sadie was still too sick to be running around town. So she stayed home with Nana and Papa while Sara, Nathan and Emma went to the PLNU Class of 1996 10-yr reunion lunch. It was a wild a crazy time. The burrito bar was straight from the Caf, the iced tea was unsweetened, and the door prizes included key chains AND bumper stickers. We received the door prize for the farthest distance traveled. There was a slight controversy when the win was challenged by the entrant from Albany, NY, but she didn't particularly like the hat that was offered, so we got the prize.

We had been to the 5-yr reunion in 2001, at which Sara was pregnant with Sadie. This 10-yr version featured many children under age 5. We noticed that a lot of couples from the college days are still together (including the two of us). It was great to see Matt and Alisha and their boys, and Lauren and Lee and their newest addition. And everyone else, too.

We stopped in to see the PLNU Lady Sea Lions (no, not the marine mammal...imagine a feline with beach-front property) play the second half of their game against Southern Nazarene University. They pulled out the win, and Emma was enthralled by the bouncing ball and the back-and-forth.

Hoping Sadie will be back to normal soon. Sunday was pre-Thanksgiving turkey day...details tomorrow.

See photos below. The first one is an outdoor art piece at PLNU.


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