Volume 6: Turkey and Football

Sunday-- Although it was not the actual holiday day, it felt like it. Sara and Emma went to the Winklea family pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving that was being staged early to accommodate our travel schedule. Sadie and I stayed at Nana and Papa's house because Sadie was not yet well enough for the big party. We made sure not to tell her about it so she didn't really know that she was missing anything. When Sadie was laying in bed in the morning with a fever, she said to me, with huge crocodile tears, a tremble in her voice, and a pouting lip..."Daddy, I will be really sad if you are gone"...meaning, if I go to the party and leave her there in bed. So, that was an easy decision. At Nana and Papa's house we relaxed, played games, read books, and watched the Denver/San Diego football game. At the pre-Thanksgiving event they ate lots of food, the newest cousins frolicked together, and a good time was had by all. (I will let Sara give you a more detailed description in a later post--cuz I wasn't there.) Out in Lemon Grove, we were excited when Sara and Emma returned with some pecan pie and pumpkin pie (which Sara made) and some Key Lime pie. Tomorrow is Volume 7: The Return to Jersey.

Photos below from the pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.


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