Volume 7 of 7: The Return to Jersey

Are we bad parents? These are our precious daughters, waiting for their car seats, at Newark's Liberty International Airport, at 2:00 am on a Tuesday. You'd think when you arrive at 1am there would be no delay in getting luggage, but there was some sort of mishap on the tarmac...the luggage arrived after close to an hour, and most of it was wet. But we didn't really care at that point.

There was actually a real live limo driver there waiting with us with a sign that indicated he was waiting for a "Jim Guido." After waiting 45 minutes for our luggage Sara overheard him calling back to HQ..."There ain't nobody by dat name hee." So he left Guido-less, I guess.

Sadie was on her last 24 hrs of being sick on the flight home. Poor girl, still had the fever, but she slept for more than half the flight. Pretty much back to normal now. The same type of 'beef' that we ate as a 'sandwich' for lunch on the way over was served again on the way back, but this time in a different shape, and this time called a 'burger.' Oh well, at least there was food. We don't go to restaurants to fly, so...

We had a lovely visit to SoCal. Sara will probably provide her perspective in coming days.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Papa said…
Sounds like the beef we had in the Navy. The printed on the cartons was: Beef,six-way.

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