Cinnamons rolls and all that is Christmas


Christmas was fun. Santa came and ate cookies and his reindeer ate the carrots Sadie threw around the drive way. She was so excited on Christmas Eve at bedtime, she went squealing up into her room and jumped into bed, asking to skip books so she could get right to sleep. She really did not want him to miss our house because she was awake.
In the morning, I heard her get up and open her door but I thought she went back into her room until I heard her VERY quiet footsteps ascending the stairs and then, "He came, he came!" It was very cute, even at seven in the morning after staying up until 2:30am putting together the wagon and arranging everything under the tree.


Anonymous said…
Of course Santa came! Sadie and Emma have been such good girls all year!!!!!

Papa said…
Looks like a really good Christmas for really good girls.
Sadie combines ballet and tennis. Always the innovator.
Emma loves her dollies and they both are mesmerized by the classic music top!
...and how did you get that family ad photo from the GAP?
Alisha said…
Ha ha ha! I love the tutu and tennis racket look!

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