December 07, 2006


Christmas changes when you have kids. Now that Sadie actually understands and can imagine what is going to happen any day now, it is really quite fun around here. The Christmas spirit has bloomed again. Today she wanted to write a note to Santa to tell him what she wanted. I helped her with some of the words and she decided that she wanted a barbie doll (ahh, I guess I should be happy we made it this long without any Barbie requests), a wagon (which I must admit I coached her into a bit after she asked for another new, small, pink bike like her old one that turned out to be a disappointing piece of junk, but she took to the idea right away and was very pleased with the addition), and a tiny baby doll that is "very strong and won't break easily"( unlike a couple I have found that are vintage and fragile). So that was all she needed to make her little heart content. But she really liked the idea of writing to Santa and it was fun to help her along. And we found out that Emma wants a wagon and a baby doll as well.

Last weekend, Sadie and I went to a birthday party for Sarah at Color Me Mine which was awfully cute and totally changed my idea of the place. Sadie picked out an elephant to paint, most likely because it was the biggest item available, and I am excited to see how it turns out. We are still waiting for it to be cooked. It should be really any day now.

Currently Emma has a bit of tummy-itis which makes for a lot of laundry but I think she is coming around and could be feeling better in a day or two.

PS. By the way for all of you elfy types out there reading this, we got Santa covered.

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