It's all about the little things

There has been a current of weirdness running through our house as of late. Well, that is not to say that there ever is not, but things seem to have kicked up a notch. Such as:

using rugs in the bedrooms as blankets,

obsessions with Princesses (Snow White, Belle, Ariel) seem to be dominating songs, stories and make believe games,

the need to wear dresses, stockings and sparkley shoes every single day

the need for matching pajamas( any old thing just won't do)

using Emma's room as a "stage" to perform singing and dancing shows or story telling about previously mentioned Princessses

Emma kissing her own owies, independence at it best!

As well as many stories about Princes marrying Princesses. In fact I heard Sadie saying that she would be the princess and Daddy could be the Prince and" they could go wedding".

Emma has been expanding her vocabulary. Here are some recent additions:
do- can mean "do" or "Emma too"
nana- banana
eees- cheese or mac'n'cheese
moo- milk
oos- shoes
baaa- bath
die- tie my shoe
bobby- bottom
aah- off
i-per - diaper
noo-noo- noodle or thank you
olp- help
at- hat
on- on
omma- Emma

This week Sadie came down with a cold so she has been out of school except for the holiday activities. The class put on a Christmas production along with the other 4yr classes. Luckily a mother called to see how Sadie was doing because they wanted to set up a play date because I had not written down the date on the calendar and we would have missed it. Last year she was sick during the same time with a bad ear infection so we were not able to make any of the activities. Today I took her over to the gingerbread (aka graham cracker) house decorating party after school. She had a bunch of fun, and in less than an hour we headed home for some lunch. Half the school has some version of what Sadie has, so she could not be the only one spreading it around.

We have had no snow yet. The weather is warm today, well it is 48, too warm for snow. Last night it was in the twenties and the whole back lawn was grey with frost in the morning. We are expecting rain on Friday. Looks like Christmas will be cool but not white.


Anonymous said…
You think she's asking for fruit -- she's really saying that she misses her "Nana"!


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