Little Ballerina

This past Sunday was the dance review for all of the classes including Sadie's. So we headed over to the chaos that can only be the product of a Y event. We checked Sadie into the "dressing" area where she was to meet up with her class. There was a person taking the girls back to their appropriate rooms and so off Sadie went. We made our way to the gym to grab some seats. Soon I see all the girls from Sadie's class parading in to start a practice before the performance but Sadie is missing. I flew out of the gym and over to the staging room, double and triple checking the rooms and asking which room she was supposed to be in. She was not there. So then I run back to the gym, she is not there, then run back to the rooms and start looking through each room until I spot her jacket, and little Sadie engrossed with a toy amoungst twenty other girls. I ran in and grabbed her and rushed her out to the stage so she could join the class. After the first "ahhhhhh" moment, the rest of the event went smoothly. She was very cute in her performance.


Papa said…
A star is born.
Papa said…
Any video available of the Little Ballerina, from the paparrazzi??

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