Majoring In Cute: Pastor Bob

I still am in awe of my children. I am so very proud of them both every day. On Tuesday Sadie really stumped me for the first time when she asked, "Daddy, what does 'distinctly' mean?" The words I would have to use to explain the word in question would themsleves have to be explained, so I tried to pull together a 'Calvin's Dad' answer. I settled on 'exactly, it means exactly.' It doesn't exactly mean exactly, but she knows what exactly means, so the dad quiz was passed on a technicality.

Sadie's pre-school is at the local Lutheran Church. Monday night the pre-school had their annual Christmas concert for the 4's and 4+'s. Pastor Bob narrated, kids dressed up as either angels, wise men, or sheep. (You will have to watch the video clip below to know which category Sadie was in.) It was a very short and sweet performance. The joint was packed with parents and siblings. Dads lined the sidelines with video cameras.

See video clip below from Somerset Hills Lutheran Church pre-school Christmas show. Sadie is in the back row, partially obstructed by the girl in front of her, and partially obstructed by the bald head of the dad in the way of the shot.

Click here to see the video:


Anonymous said…
Sadie is the director of the show right. Watch out Sophia Coppola. Sadie is in the hunt!!! Orange

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