A crumb

Yesterday we had a bit of snow. For about a half hour a few flakes floated about. It was like some giant picked up New Jersey like a piece of toast and decided it needed a little salt and then it was over. The cold has stayed around though. We have high thirties today but the weekend promises to be warm again.
Today Sadie had sports class after school, this month is all about soccer. Emma really wants to do everything Sadie does and today on the way to school she insisted upon bringing a book bag with her. She even toted it to class. Emma agrees that she really would like going to school as well.


Alisha said…
Funny Emma! Davin does the exact same thing. Last time I took Jared to preschool, Davin had to wear his back pack just like his brother. And, thanks to Dora, he can't just say "back pack." He has to say "back pack, back pack." These little ones are growing up SO fast!!! Their second birthday is only 3 months away!!!

Oddly, snow was (sorta) predicted even here! They wouldn't say it was actually going to snow, but said that it MIGHT. It didn't snow. It is darn cold, though. Low 20's at night.
Anonymous said…
Yes!! She can kick really good with her right foot as I remember. Left foot pretty well. Did she have fun? Can't wait to play with her...ORANGE
Unknown said…
mmmmmm... toast.

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