Goings On

Daddy (me) is around the house a bit too much these days, I think. This week it feels like we're running a boot camp for unsavory, motherless, heathen Gibbons. Anytime I am not dressed in slippers and pajamas Emma, unsolicited, says "Bye!" with great gusto. I try not to be offended by anyone under age two (or anyone under voting-rights age, as a matter of fact). Sadie's once-cute recent obsession with all things princess has in these latter days taken a turn toward the type of princess-ism we reference with air quotes and a roll of the eyes. At her school next week, Sadie is scheduled to be "Star of the Week"...so maybe she's just getting warmed up. As part of the 'Star' week, she provides some insight into herself for the rest of her class, such as favorite food (mac & cheese), favorite color (pink), why she is special (she can jump really high and she is really fast--although not as fast as Audrey, she says). She gets to take show-and-tell on Monday, and she wants to take Emma. On Thursday Sara will go to class with her, and will read a book of Sadie's choosing to the class. The current choice is "Clifford Goes to Hollywood" (don't worry, Clifford sees the light, and at the end of the book returns home for 'true love'), but that will likely change.

I have been hitting the YMCA a lot lately in an attempt to get back in fighting condition (lest I be attacked by ninjas while going to work in NYC). I was rocking the treadmill for a couple of weeks, until my right knee started feeling a bit wobbly, so now I'm on the bike for a while. The goal is to get back into a basketball league, and this time avoid snapping any major tendons like I did two years ago next month. One thing I enjoy about the YMCA in 2007 is that, with a pair of good ear buds, you can burn 600 calories and simultaneously learn how to remodel a family room for less than $1,000.

Speaking of which...we keep adding new projects to our home fix-up list. The latest plunge we took was to purchase new flooring for the two downstairs rooms that have old, ratty carpet. Mid-winter is not the best time for a flooring project, but we had a little time, and when one is house-bound one tends to notice how really ratty that carpet is. We will try to remember to take a before picture, so the after pictures will be more impressive.

I need to throw away the napkin I wrote this Sadie quote on, so here is a random one to help you confirm how much of your imagination you have lost since you were 4 years old... With about a third of her cereal left floating in her bowl at breakfast one morning, Sadie got up on her knees in her chair (against the rules, by the way), gazed into the bowl, thought for a moment and said: "Look at this creation with Kix. It's a dragon leaning over a couch."


amilda said…
I, as always, am having troubles with technology. I tried to post a comment but ended up with an e-mail page. Check Sara's e-mail for the comment.

Bottom line --- I LOVE this post. Thank you

Anonymous said…
If you totally mess up the project....You can send the sob story to HGTV and they may help you fix it. But then again isn't it the process not the final product that teaches us the most. Good luck and sat hi to those crazy monkeys and Sara too.
Papa said…
Well, Daddy, How'd Sadie's "Week of Fame" go? Did she take Emma to show-and-tell?
Thanks to you all for my new Teva sandals and the neat card and Valentine Hearts!
Hope your mid-winter project(s)go as you saw them at the Y.
Enjoy this post and your e-mail, "Snow Pics".