New Year ...Resolutions?

Sorry to all of you readers out there who would be looking for cute stories of little girls frolicking about but I am here just to post about my dental issues. I have just completed one more visit to my wonderful new dentist who seems to find more and more reasons for me to come back and see her. I really mean that she is wonderful, up until her I have truly dreaded the dentist which is most likely the main reason she continues to find more things for me to come back and treat. But I am making progress in my EXTREME nervous-ness toward the whole dental experience. I know that this is something I need to do rather than something to do if I want to. And today she said she wished she could change my mind about coming to the dentist and I said I wish she could to. Going through all of the stress I put on myself with every visit seems ridiculous and I would stop if I could figure a way to go about it. Ultimately I would just like to get all this work over with and start on regular visits that don't involve so much to do. I think I am getting there and I am not going to give up. I am capable of a lot, but it seems that my mind tries to change that with out consulting me first. As I get older, I realize that mind over matter can really work but first you have to get your mind to move in the right direction instead of pulling you back. And then the hormones are a whole other can of worms!


Papa said…
Over the years I've had good dentists and bad. Glad you've found one you're comfortable with to do the needed work and get on the regular visit schedule. That's a BIG step in the right direction in the mind-body relationship.

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